Chances are that if this is your first time visiting our website you have likely been referred to us by your medical doctor, some other healthcare provider, or even by your current chiropractor. Perhaps you recently attended one of our presentations or even just had a conversation with one of our doctors. However you came to find us, we welcome you and thank you for stopping by to learn more about what we do.

You're probably familiar with Traditional Chiropractic. Most people know someone who has been to see a chiropractor. Maybe you've even been to see one before.


Traditional Chiropractic typically has the following goals:

1. Decreasing Muscle Spasms
2. Improving Range of Motion
3. Temporarily Reducing Pain

While these goals are wonderful and most traditional chiropractors do a great job at accomplishing them, we do things differently at Precision Chiropractic.  

What we focus on is the correction of the Primary Condition known as Structural Shift. We have found that when the Structural Shift is corrected through our unique process of Structural Correction, the patient  automatically experiences an improvement in their Secondary Conditions. 

The doctors at Precision Chiropractic focus on providing exceptional Structural Correction for future and expectant parents, along with their partners/spouses and children. 

Structural Chiropractic vs. Traditional Chiropractic

Most people are familiar with Traditional Chiropractic and its general goals and results which are typically to decrease pain, improve range of motion, and reduce muscle spasms. Structural Chiropractic focuses on one goal: Structural Correction. The doctors who practic Structural Correction have found that when the Structural Shift is corrected, Secondary Conditions are automatically resolved. So, rather than focusing on eliminating the Secondary Conditions, Structural Chiropractic focuses on correcting the Primary Condition at the root of it all - the Structural Shift. 

What is a Structural Shift?


Structural Shift is a condition in which the structures of the spine have shifted from their normal orientation in such a way that compromises the integrity and efficiency of the rest of the body, resulting in a whole host of Secondary Conditions. Think about body temperature, tire pressure, blood pressure, even swimming pool maintenance. All of these things have normal values, levels, or ranges which are considered normal, and indicators to let us know when they are abnormal. The same is true with the spine. Structural Chiropractors look for the presence of indicators to determine whether a given individual's spine is within the normal range or whether some degree of Structural Shift has occured. 

What are Secondary Conditions?

Secondary Conditions are the effect of the Structural Shift. They are essentially your body's "warning system" that something is amiss. Because no two individuals are exactly the same, (even identical twins have different fingerprints) no two individuals will experience identical effects from their Structural Shift. The following are some examples of Secondary Conditions commonly experienced by people suffering from Structural Shift.:
Common Secondary Conditions of Adulthood
- Headaches
- Joint Stiffness
- Neck, Back, and Hip pain
- Difficulty Focusing
- Difficulty Sleeping
- Jaw Pain
- Dizziness
Common Pediatric Secondary Conditions

 -Difficulty Latching 

- Favoring One Breast or Feeding Position 
- Colic
- Abnormal Skull Shape
- Difficulty Meeting Developmental Milestones (Rolling, Crawling, etc)
-Toe Walking
-Aversion to Car Seats
Common Secondary Conditions of Pregnancy
- Round Ligament Pain
- Pubic Symphysis Pain

These are just some examples of Secondary Conditions that may be experienced by individuals with Structural Shift. Talk with the doctors at Precision Chiropractic to learn more about your individual case.












What are My Options?

At Precision Chiropractic, we make it a priority to ensure that our patients fully understand all options available to them both before beginning treatment with us and throughout the duration of their treatment. We will never ask you to agree to something you don't understand or are not comfortable with. Your individual circumstances and unique healthcare needs will determine what options may be best for your situation. Your options can be thoroughly discussed during your consultation.

What can Precision Chiropractic Do For Me?

Precision Chiropractic offers complimentary, confidential consultations where you will learn about your options and be able to ask the doctor any questions you have. If, after your consultation, you decide to seek care in our office, a thorough Structural Examination will be performed, after which we will provide you with our recommendations for your treatment. 




What to Expect Before Your Examination

At Precision Chiropractic we believe that you should have the chance to talk with the doctors and get answers to any questions you may have before deciding if our office is the best fit for you and your family. Therefore, we only provide examinations once you have had a chance to have a consultation and learn more about how we can help you. Your consultation is always complimentary and is never a commitment. After your consultation, if you decide that our office is a good fit for you and your family, we will be more than happy to assist you in scheduling your examination.

An examination in our office involves the following:
1. Thorough Health History Analysis
2. Spinal Radiographs (when necessary)
3. Structural Postural Analysis
4. Orthopedic and Neurological Assessment


Please wear loose, comfortable clothing to your examination appointment. If you are bringing your baby in for an examination, feel free to take a break to feed them at any time during the examination - the process will be much easier for your baby if they aren't hungry!











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