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We did it, Funkytown! This class was a long time in the making, and would have been impossible without the stellar support of our community organizations, most notably Acute Salon and Tarrant County Breastfeeding Coalition.

On a gorgeous Sunday morning in October, twe...

I read and shared a post recently that said:

“The Birth Plan.
This is your client’s attempt to communicate with you.
The longer it is the more likely it’s based on their trauma history.
After trauma, nothing is safe. Be their safe place. Read the plan.
Listen and ask...


Our friends over at birth|Fort Worth are amazing for a thousand different reasons.

From their adorable and inspiring Instagram to their informative blog - it's no surprise they've been voted best doulas in Fort Worth three years in a row!

Another great service they o...

The 2000 National Institute for Mental Health study identified the following skills as important for children:



¤Capacity to develop good relationships

¤Concentration/Persistence on challenging tasks

¤Ability to effectively communicate feelings such...

MYTH #1: Infants don’t have mental health

What it is not→ individual therapy with a pre-verbal infant.
IMH is focused on fostering healthy connections and relationships between the infant and their caregiver to support the infant’s mental health.
IMH is also not a one s...


Valentine's Day 2k19 is RIGHT around the corner, and today were are up to our hips (literally) in our #SexySaturdays series with birth|Fort Worth!

Valentine's Day focuses on romance, and what's more romantic than feeling happy with your pelvic floor for whatever pleas...


We've teamed up with the fabulous folks at birth|Fort Worth to offer Wednesday evening childbirth education classes right here in our office in Southwest Fort Worth - perfect for working parents or those who'd rather not spend a full Saturday learning all things birth.


Urinary incontinence - leaking urine when you don’t intend to, such as when laughing, coughing, jumping, or at any other time - is a common occurrence, especially in those who have been pregnant and/or delivered a baby.
It’s so common in postpartum patients it’s even b...


If you've been around for a while, you probably remember that we updated our website last summer. 
Same us, prettier and easier to navigate website!

While today's change isn't as intense as that overhaul was, it's just as significant, if not even more so. 
We added a...


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We sat down with birth|Fort Worth to get the inside scoop on how to prevent tearing during delivery and we are bringing the news to YOU!

Our friends at birth|Fort Worth are the ULTIMATE dream team for #yourbestbirth, and they've been around, helping pe...