As a doula, your support for the laboring person and/or family is irreplaceable. 

We want to serve as another tool that you can recommend when the going gets tough.

For some people, minor alterations, or shifts, in alignment during labor can intensify painful sensations, or even potentially affect the ability of labor to progress normally. 
In these moments, know that you can count on us. 

For clients of yours who have chosen one of our birth support packages, and had a complete structural chiropractic examination in our office, we are available to offer our services at your client's home or birth center any time during labor once their midwife is present. 
Additionally, recommending our services to your clients during pregnancy may help to ensure optimal spinal and pelvic alignment prior to the onset of labor, potentially reducing the chance of
those shifts negatively impacting your client's birth experience - making your job easier and their experience more pleasant!

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our services at 682.235.0810.



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