What does being an "Inclusive Birthworker" mean?
In our office it means that we are intentionally inclusive in all areas of practice to folks from all walks of life, being extra mindful of people who are often marginalized in birth work.

We also recognize that the intersection of various identities is part of what makes you YOU so rather than taking a "hands off" approach, we actively seek to validate and support you, and to work with local providers we know will do the same.

In our practice, we focus on informed consent and trauma informed care.
We thoroughly explain all procedures before performing them and seek ongoing feedback during the process of patient care.

We ask for and use the pronouns you use.
We don't assume your partner's gender or even that you have a partner, or that if you do have a partner that you only have one.
We welcome you and your whole family, whatever that looks like at the time you seek care.

We recognize the importance of cultural competency in healthcare - especially surrounding pregnancy and childbirth - and are more than willing to facilitate referrals whenever necessary.

We are intentional in the providers we choose to refer people to for care outside our scope or focus, recognizing that no one is perfect but that the providers we refer to will intentionally seek to provide you with respectful, culturally competent care.

To summarize, whatever your race, religion, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and/or family status is, however you choose to build your family and parent your children, we are here to support you and care for you.

Additionally, we are proud to serve alongside fellow inclusive birth workers serving Fort Worth. 
We have listed them below for your convenience.


Prenatal/Postpartum Fitness & Nutrition: RESET by JEM

Midwifery/Pediatrics: BundleBorn Midwifery & Pediatrics

Counseling/Therapy: Push Counseling & Coaching

Lactation Consultant: Beyond the Breast


4255 Bryant Irvin Rd. #101

Fort Worth, Texas



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