Many OB/GYN providers that we work with are searching for answers for their pregnant patients suffering from round ligament pain, pubic symphysis dysfunction, general back and pelvic discomfort during pregnancy, and even stress urinary incontinence symptoms.

Pregnancy mandates a certain level of consideration unique to few patient populations, which is what makes our approach perfect for your pregnant patients.

We appreciate the unique needs of the pregnant patient.

Some providers may associate chiropractic care with procedures that utilize a great deal of force, however we utilize only gentle, low-force and instrument-based techniques and absolutely NO X-RAY on our pregnant patients. 

Additionally, the use of durable memory foam pregnancy pillows allow our pregnant patients to safely and comfortably lie prone on our tables all throughout their pregnancy.

There is also some evidence to suggest that normalizing pelvic alignment during pregnancy may reduce tension on the uteropelvic ligaments, reducing uterine torsion and thereby reducing structural barriers that may potentially limit the ability of the fetus to maneuver into proper vertex position. However, rest assured that our focus is always on the spinal and pelvic alignment of the pregnant patient, never on assessing or altering fetal position. 

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