• Aliena (Ali) Davis, DC

5 Things You Never Knew about Getting Your Baby Adjusted

1. Caring for kids involves quite a bit of additional training beyond chiropractic school curriculum. Children’s spines are much different than those of adults. They are constantly changing, growing, and developing. Because of this, it is impossible to cover all the stages of development in chiropractic school, so chiropractors who focus on taking care of children typically undergo several hours of additional training.

2. The adjustments are drastically different from adult adjustments. Most people associate adjustments with a moderate amount of pressure, quick movements, and the famous “popping” noise. While this approach is perfectly fine for a mature spine, the spines of babies and children require a different approach. In our office, there are no rapid movements and the “popping” noise is rarely, if ever, heard when babies and young children are adjusted.

3. The pressure used is the amount you can comfortably place on your eyeball through your eyelid with your fingertip. Again, due to the delicate nature of babies’ spines, their adjustments don’t require a lot of pressure. When a baby is adjusted, the amount of pressure is so light it’s sometimes surprising they even notice it at all!

4. Babies often sleep through their adjustments. Because of the gentle nature of the adjustments performed on babies at Precision Chiropractic, don’t be surprised if your baby sleeps through their adjustment! Sometimes babies even fall asleep during or after the adjustment if they were awake when it started.

5. Expect poo. We saved the best for last! Almost universally, parents report that their babies tend to experience very noticeable a post-adjustment-poo within the first couple of hours following their adjustment. This is normal. If this happens with your baby, just know that it means the adjustment helped to activate some of the nerves that help regulate their digestive system.

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