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Blue Zones Power 9: Move Naturally

If you’re in Fort Worth, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about the Blue Zones Project lately, and with good reason. The Blue Zones Project in Fort Worth is part of a national initiative to improve the longevity and quality of lives in various locations around the US. Essentially, the Blue Zones project is encouraging individuals and companies alike to adopt the 9 attributes commonly identified in Blue Zones around the world!

What are these “Blue Zones”? They are places like Sardinia, Okinawa, and Loma Linda, where people are known to live vibrant, active lives well into their hundreds. As part of this research and initiative, BZP Fort Worth encourages residents to focus on the “Power 9,” which we will focus on one-by-one in our Blue Zones Project series.

We are proud of our status as the first chiropractic clinic in Fort Worth to be Blue Zones Project Approved, and we want this blog series to inspire our patients and our community to make small changes to drastically improve their quality of life and help Fort Worth rise to the Healthiest City challenge!

The first attribute of the Power 9 series that we will be addressing is: Move Naturally. As stated on the BZP Fort Worth website, “Find ways to move more! You’ll burn more calories without thinking about it.” As Structural Chiropractors, this might be our favorite of all 9 attributes. Proper movement is intimately tied with proper structure - they are dependent on each other. A sedentary lifestyle or repetitive damaging movements can set the stage for Structural Shift, and the presence of Structural Shift can hinder one’s ability to Move Naturally. They go hand in hand. Natural Movement is actually a core piece of our complementary recommendations for our patients - when your movements complement our treatments, that’s when the best of results are seen.

How can you Move Naturally more? Here are some easy tips.

  1. Take the stairs.

  2. Walk around the office or your home for 10 minutes every hour.

  3. Don’t forget the kids! Ride bikes, play catch, or take them to yoga.

  4. Babies need movement too. Get them out of the carseat (when they’re not in the car), stroller, or infant seat and carry them in a wrap, sling, or soft structured carrier. Your natural movements help them develop.

  5. Raise your arms above your head every day. Stretch in the morning, do jumping jacks on commercial breaks - whatever gets your shoulders and arms moving to maintain that range of motion and undo some of the damage of hours spent at a computer, on a tablet, driving, feeding baby, or anything else that you spend your time doing.

If you want to learn more about the Blue Zones Project in Fort Worth, visit their website at fortworth.bluezonesproject.com.


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