• Aliena (Ali) Davis, DC

Blue Zones Power 9: Purpose

This post will highlight the importance of the second of the 9 attributes of Blue Zones. Purpose.

“Wake up with purpose each day and add up to seven years to your life,” according to the Blue Zones Project Fort Worth website. That’s pretty significant, especially when you consider that, if you’re following the rest of the BZP Power 9 steps, those seven years are likely to be substantially meaningful and pleasant.

How to identify your purpose? For some, this becomes clear early in life. For others, it may take longer to identify, or it may even change throughout their life as they move through different stages and milestones.

For many of our patients their purpose is their family. However close-knit or expansive, many of the people we see put their family ahead of everything else in their life. For some, their purpose may come in the form of their work or a hobby about which they are passionate. Whatever your purpose is, we are here to help you stay in an optimal condition of health and wellbeing to devote as much time and energy as you can to yours. If this is an area that you’d like to focus on, the Blue Zones Project hosts Purpose Workshops in conjunction with local establishments on a regular basis - find one near you and start your path to better health!


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