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Blue Zones Power 9: Right Tribe

“Surround yourself with people who support you and positive behaviors.” Excellent advice at every stage of life so no wonder it made the Blue Zones Power 9 list.

At Precision Chiropractic where we most often see this at play is during pregnancy and birth. This is a crucial time to ensure that your “circle” supports you. From your partner and your birth care provider, to your friends and your coworkers, support is essential during this time. For our recommendations on creating the right tribe to support you during pregnancy and birth, check out the list below.

  1. Education is key. Attend classes. Research your options. Research your backup options - things don’t always go according to plan. Research your healthcare providers. Learn all you can so that you can make informed decisions regarding your healthcare.

  2. Ask your healthcare provider for recommendations. Do you love your lactation consultant’s recommendations? Ask them for referral to a great midwife. Do you appreciate your chiropractor’s approach to healthcare? Ask them for a referral to the best doula for your situation.

  3. Connect on Social Media. Having difficulty breastfeeding? Reach out to your local La Leche League Facebook group for advice and camaraderie from your living room at 1am when you need it. Looking for playdates to get yourself and the kiddos out of the house? Facebook parenting groups to the rescue! Confused on how to operate your ring sling? Your local baby wearing Facebook group might save you from hours of frustration. These connections can lead to strong real-life relationships that help you create your tribe for life.

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