• Aliena (Ali) Davis, DC

Can Chiropractic Help with Menstrual Pain?

Scientists recently discovered that the pain of menstruation can be as severe as that of a heart attack. If you suffer from painful periods, you were probably not surprised to hear this discovery. Many people report a lessening or even near elimination of menstrual cramps once they begin getting adjusted regularly. It may seem strange, but if you’re like most people who suffer from painful menstruation, you’re not picky about what form relief takes! Let’s take a minute to understand the reasons why you might experience relief by getting adjusted. First, the uterus is well supported in the pelvis by ligamentous attachments to the bones of the pelvis, namely the sacrum. If pelvic alignment is altered, it can put tension on the uterus – the last thing you need when your uterus is already inflamed and contracting (aka cramping). Additionally, the adjustment itself stimulates a specific type of nerve that may help reduce the sensation of physical pain. Who knew one solution to painful periods might be so simple? Get started today! Book your complimentary consultation online.


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