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Common Secondary Conditions of Pregnancy: A Closer Look

At Precision Chiropractic, we are committed to helping you have the most comfortable and healthy pregnancy possible. To that end, we are taking a closer look at two of the most common secondary conditions that generally prompt people to seek care in our office during pregnancy, and how Structural Shift may cause or contribute to these maladies.

  1. Round Ligament Pain: The uterus is normally anchored to the bones of the pelvis by 4 pairs of ligaments that extend in many directions from the outer wall of the uterus. During pregnancy, the uterus expands and takes with it some of these supportive ligaments. One of these is the Round Ligament. The thing that makes the Round Ligament unique from the other ligaments of the uterus is the presence of muscle fibers within it. Ligaments don’t typically have muscle fibers in them - they're a completely different type of tissue. In the case of the Round Ligament, these two types of tissue coexist to perform a special function. This particular pair of ligaments helps to anchor the uterus from side to side - preventing the uterus from tipping as it expands. Where it can get painful is when the structure of the pelvis is altered. When this happens, abnormal strain can be placed on the Round Ligament on one or both sides, causing a spasm of the muscle fibers within the ligament. Just like a charley horse causes leg pain, this spasming eventually makes itself known in the form of Round Ligament Pain - generally felt on the side of the front of your abdominal area. During the course of Structural Chiropractic care, the Structural Shift in your pelvis is addressed, bringing balance back to the area and reducing the tension on the Round Ligaments. Once this is accomplished, you may feel some stretching or tension in the area as the baby continues to grow, but the more intense pain typically subsides.

  2. Pubic Symphysis Pain: This pain is typically burning or sharp and occurs right in the middle of the front of your pelvis. It may be constant or you may only feel it when you attempt certain movements. Typically what we find with this situation is again a shift in the pelvis. How does this cause so many problems? Well, the pelvis is basically a bony oval. The adult pelvis consists of 3 pieces of bone (the result of the fusion together of several more pieces of bone during childhood and puberty). Since the pelvis forms an oval, a shift in one area can have an affect on the opposite side. During pregnancy, your body releases large amounts of a hormone called Relaxin. One of the effects of this hormone is to loosen the joints of your pelvis to make them more flexible in preparation for the baby traveling through the birth canal during delivery. The downside to this hormone is that it can your joints relatively unstable, leaving them more vulnerable to Structural Shift. When the structure of the pubic symphysis is altered, it can cause severe pain during everyday tasks. During the course of Structural Chiropractic care, the pelvic shift is addressed and you are instructed on complementary recommendations to make your pelvic structure as stable as possible through the remainder of your pregnancy. Get answers today - book a complimentary consultation online.

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