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Health Benefits of Vaginal Birth

At Precision Chiropractic, we value and support every person no matter their journey to parenthood – home birth, hospital birth, cesarean birth, vaginal birth, or adoption. We will never judge your choices or circumstances surrounding your birth. As healthcare professionals we feel it is important to provide information regarding the health consequences (both positive and negative) of your different options so that you can make informed decisions that are best for you and your family.

Vaginal birth provides several health benefits to you and your baby which are presented below for your consideration.

  1. Healthy Flora. Everyone has healthy bacteria on their skin and in their digestive tract. These bacteria help keep your body healthy and protect you from dangerous bacteria. Vaginal delivery helps to provide the baby with a protective covering of this friendly bacteria that is not present in the womb.

  2. Cranial Moulding. Not as scary as it sounds. When a baby is young, the bones of their skull are still forming. Passing through the birth canal places gentle pressure on these bones to help them align properly to protect the baby’s growing brain.

  3. Spinal Alignment. A vaginal birth with no assistance (ie – forceps, vacuum extraction, etc.) greatly reduces the risk of damaging spinal structures during birth and causing early Structural Shifts.

  4. Skin-to-skin. With the rise in Gentle Cesareans being performed in hospitals across the country, this is somewhat of a minor consideration, however it still bears mentioning. An uncomplicated vaginal delivery traditionally encourages immediate skin-to-skin contact between the baby and their parents, which is beneficial for bonding, temperature regulation, and milk production.

  5. Easier Recovery. Cesarean Sections are technically a major surgery – the abdominopelvic cavity is being operated on. Recovery from major surgery can complicate the newborn and postpartum period by making it more difficult for you to care for yourself and for your baby.

As with all healthcare choices, simply weigh the risks and benefits against what you know to be best for yourself and your family.

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