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How to Include Grandparents in the Life of a Nursing, Room-sharing Baby

Many grandparents are often concerned with how they will be able to bond with your baby if they never get to feed them and they aren’t staying overnight away from their parents by 12 or 18 months of age. This can cause turmoil in families if grandparents feel like they are missing out on their grandchild’s life and if the parents are feeling pressured to wean the baby or pressure to alter their parenting decisions. If you’ve followed our blog for some time, you’re probably familiar with the fact that we are huge supporters of safe babywearing. This dilemma is one of the many scenarios for which we recommend incorporating babywearing as part of the solution. Encourage grandparents who are physically able to learn how to use a sling, wrap, or soft structured carrier. They can help baby nap while the parents get some rest, they can take turns wearing the baby during family outings to festivals or other events, and they can participate in the lives of older grandchildren by helping to teach them how to wear their new sibling safely. Incorporating babywearing into the life of a child’s grandparent helps to ensure the baby and the grandparents still feel connected to their family while allowing the parents to continue with their parenting and lifestyle choices.

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