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Injury Prevention 102: Home

Many people might assume that if they were ever to sustain an injury, it would occur outside their home. Surprisingly, according to a report published by the CDC in 2010 listed the home as the place with the highest occurrence of injuries, with over 40% of injuries occurring in the home.1 With this in mind, we created this post to help make your home safer for the whole family.

1. Stairs. Always supervise young children on stairs and use baby gates when needed.

2. Bookshelves and dressers are a common source of injury. Children can easily climb on the shelves or drawers and cause the furniture to topple over and land on them. Always utilize wall anchors if available to help prevent this from happening.

3. Household cleaners, medications, alcohol, and other substances should always be kept out of reach of children. Never refer to medicine as “candy” or to alcohol as “juice.”

4. Use nightlights to illuminate dark hallways and staircases to avoid injury.

5. Keep emergency numbers posted in a visible place. Poison control, local 24-hour urgent care, and an emergency veterinarian (if you have pets) are some numbers that should be easily accessible.

6. Don’t forget about “micro” injuries! Paying attention to your posture when sleeping, doing housework or yard work, or even just relaxing on the couch watching a movie with your partner will pay off in the long run. Your body will thank you!

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