• Aliena (Ali) Davis, DC

Injury Prevention 103: Travel

Travel can sometimes be a pain in the neck – literally. Use these tips to increase your comfort and reduce your risk of injury when traveling.

1. Ask your chiropractor for a referral in the area you’re traveling to if you’ll be there for an extended period of time to avoid interrupting your progress.

2. Buy new luggage. Struggling to carry a bag because one of the wheels fell off is a recipe for injury, yet go to any airport and you’ll see people doing just that.

3. Utilize cross-body straps on heavy bags. If you must carry a heavy bag, try not to place the entire load on one side of your body – even it out by using a cross-body strap if one is available – or better yet, just spring for a luggage cart!

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for extra pillows/blankets on planes to create a makeshift lumbar support for yourself. This trick can make the difference between waking up and enjoying a nice run the day after you travel, or feeling like you were hit by a truck the next day.

5. Wear comfortable, practical shoes. If you’ve ever had to rush to make a connecting flight three terminals away while wearing stilettos, you’ll understand the importance of this. Wearing uncomfortable shoes sets you up for at least one entire day of misery and can even make you more prone to tripping and falling.

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