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Is Nursing a Pain in the Neck?

We aren’t talking about a figurative pain in the neck….many nursing parents report literal intense discomfort in the neck and shoulders, especially during the early weeks when their new baby is nursing around the clock. If you’re experiencing this, it is likely due to the countless hours you’re now clocking in a rocking chair or on the couch, hunched over, feeding your new bundle of joy. There are two things you can easily do to help relieve much of your discomfort.

1. Try new nursing positions. Nurse laying down or with your baby in a carrier if possible. If you’re uneasy or having difficulty utilizing different nursing positions, work with your midwife or lactation consultant for help. They have a lot of experience and can provide you with solutions to most difficulties.

2. Perform 5-10 shoulder rolls after each nursing session. To perform shoulder rolls, simply shrug your shoulders up, then draw your shoulder blades together (squeezing your shoulders together), then relax and drop your shoulders. Repeat this process 5-10 times after each nursing session. This helps to balance out your upper body muscles and reduce the negative impacts of spending so much time in one position feeding your baby.

Follow the above two steps and get ready to start spending more time enjoying bonding with your baby and less time in pain. Still experiencing discomfort? Book a consultation with us today.

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