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Proper Baby Wearing Posture for Your Baby

If you know your Precision Chiropractic team or you read our blogs regularly, you probably know that we are big fans of baby wearing – both for the health benefits to you and your baby and for the relative convenience compared to lugging around a heavy car seat or stroller. The decision to wear your baby comes with a learning curve, especially if you’re new to the whole idea. Once you learn the basics, it will become second nature. One of the important basics to master is the proper posture for your baby – after all, baby’s safety and comfort is paramount. Here, we will cover some basic “Do’s” and “Don’t” of positioning your baby in their sling, wrap, or soft structured carrier.


- Invest in a carrier that keeps your baby facing you (whether they’re being carried on your back or on the front, they should be facing you).

- Keep them close enough to kiss the top of their head (front carry).

- Ensure that their knees are above their hips…”Frog legs” (this helps keep their developing hip joints healthy).

- Keep their head supported until they have adequate head control.

- Use a newborn insert on soft structured carriers until your baby is big enough to go without.


- Carry them facing away from you (this places abnormal stress on their spine and hips).

- Wrap too tight or too loose (this takes practice).

This simple guide can help you keep some guidelines in mind while you’re getting the hang of the world of baby wearing. If you have questions about your baby’s posture while they’re in your carrier of choice, always feel free to ask your chiropractor. Sometimes it’s easier for a second set of eyes to spot potential problem areas and help suggest solutions.

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