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Should I be Getting Adjusted During Labor?

More and more people are opting to include chiropractic care in their pregnancy and even in their delivery. Here’s a list of things to consider when deciding whether or not to ask your chiropractor to be present during labor.

1. A chiropractor is NOT a substitute for a qualified, properly trained birth care provider. A small number of states in the US do include obstetric care in a chiropractor’s scope of practice but if you are not in one of those states you should also have a midwife or OB/GYN at your birth. This is for you and your baby’s safety. A chiropractor’s role in your birth is to be concerned with your spinal and pelvic alignment and structure – not to assist in any way in the actual birthing process.

2. If you are planning a hospital delivery or end up transporting to a hospital, your options for chiropractic care in the hospital may be limited. Some hospitals grant hospital privileges to chiropractors for these purposes and others do not – talk with your birth care provider and your chiropractor to learn what the case is for your situation.

3. Many parents report easier labors when they are adjusted during labor. Adjustments can help keep your pelvic alignment optimized and may even help reduce pain or discomfort which can be invaluable during labor.

4. The adjustments performed during labor are safe and gentle.

If you have questions about your individual case, ask your team at Precision Chiropractic. They can tell you whether or not your particular birth plan is a good candidate for inclusion of Structural Chiropractic care, and even help you create a birth plan that includes our care, if you like.

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