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Structural Chiropractic and C-Section Preparation

Chiropractic care has gained quite a bit of popularity within the natural childbirth community - something that is often attributed to the reduction of pain during labor reported by parents undergoing this care during their pregnancies and even during labor.

This often leaves parents who are planning a c-section asking: “Should I even bother seeing a chiropractor while I’m pregnant?” Before we directly answer this common question, let’s first discuss the difference between traditional chiropractic and Structural Chiropractic. Traditional chiropractic care typically focuses on three things - decreasing pain, increasing range of motion, and reducing muscle spasms. Structural Chiropractic care focuses on one primary condition - Structural Shift. A Structural Shift occurs when a bone, typically in your spinal column or pelvis, shifts slightly, altering the orientation and function of nearby joints. While this may sound minor, the effects can be far reaching. From ligament pain to headaches, the Secondary Conditions that are seen with Structural Shift are as varied as the individual suffering from them.

What does this all have to do with pregnancy? When you’re pregnant, several forces are at play, each impacting the structural integrity of your body in their own way. For example, as your baby grows, you center of gravity changes. This can cause tension and discomfort in your low back. Your body also produces a hormone called relaxin. One of the effects of this hormone is to loosen up the joints of your pelvis, making it easier for the baby to pass through the birth canal during a vaginal delivery. Unfortunately, this hormone can make your joints less stable, predisposing you to Structural Shift. Structural Shift of the pelvis during pregnancy places tension on the supporting ligaments of your uterus, often causing pain and discomfort - round ligament pain being one of the most well-known effects of this process.

So, whether you’re planning a vaginal birth or a cesarean birth, Structural Chiropractic care during your pregnancy can be an essential part of ensuring a comfortable, active, and enjoyable pregnancy.

At Precision Chiropractic, our focus is on your safety and comfort. And we always respect your choice to birth however you and your birth care provider feel is best for you. We perform a thorough examination to ensure that our care is appropriate for your case, working with your birth care provider as needed to ensure your continued safety and comfort. We never perform X-Rays on pregnant patients and our adjustments are very gentle - mostly instrument based with no rough twisting and popping - to suit the needs of the pregnant patient’s spine.

If this is something you’d like to incorporate into your prenatal care, ask your birth care provider for a referral to our office, or simply book your complimentary consultation directly through our website.

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