• Aliena (Ali) Davis, DC

Structural Correction: Behind the Buzz.

Convenient location. Easy-to-find parking. You’re greeted by a friendly face and offered chilled water and an herbal tea. As you sink into a chair in the reception area, the kids find their way into the gated play room to entertain themselves. When you’re called back into the consultation room, your provider competently and thoroughly addresses your questions and offers a detailed preview of your examination and treatment, including the indicators that will determine the most appropriate course of action for your particular case. After a thorough examination, which includes checking your reflexes, balance, and coordination, you are provided with detailed results as well as a customized plan of action for addressing your health issues. As you lie face down - for the first time in weeks, if you’re pregnant - you can feel the soft but supportive memory foam cushioning and protecting your baby bump. You wonder, silently, how many people might notice if you begin to snore. No chance to fall asleep, however, because it seems like just as quickly as you got on the table, the first part of your treatment is complete and you’re maneuvering off the table. Next, your provider demonstrates with great detail the complementary neurologically-based exercises that have been determined to be of benefit to you and provides constructive feedback as you attempt to perform them for the first time. You pay and schedule your next appointment. A quick stop at the restroom before you go about the rest of your day reveals pristine facilities and a fully-stocked changing table to suit the needs of any family. As you leave, new patient manual in hand, you realize you just had one of the most immersive yet gentle experiences you’ve ever had in a healthcare facility. You just experienced the Structural Difference. No pressure. No sales pitches. Just straightforward answers and compassionate, competent care. That’s the Structural Difference. Click here to experience the structural difference.

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