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What Is Really Happening When We Adjust Your Baby

If you’ve been to a chiropractor or seen an adult be adjusted by one, you may be picturing some twisting, popping, or aggressive-looking maneuvers, and if you’re like most people, the thought of those same maneuvers being applied to a brand new baby or even a toddler is horrifying. In fact, sometimes when we tell people we adjust babies, we get some pretty strange looks.

This is why it is important to choose a chiropractor who not only focuses on gentle structural correction for your child’s care, but has also undergone further education on the unique needs of children and their spinal development.

When you choose a chiropractor who fits the requirements listed above, such as the team at Precision Chiropractic, you can breathe easy knowing you are putting your baby’s care in capable hands.

When we adjust your baby, there is no harsh pressure or extreme twisting, and you will rarely if ever hear any popping. Adjustments for babies are very different from adjustments for adults - for the simple reason that babies’ spines are different from those of adults. In fact, an easy way to experience for yourself what your baby will experience while under our care is to gently press on your eyeball through your eyelid with your finger tip. The amount of pressure that you can comfortably apply to your eyeball is nearly identical to the amount of pressure placed on your baby’s spine during our gentle structural adjustments. On rare occasions, even this minuscule amount of pressure may be mildly uncomfortable if an area of a baby’s spine has become inflamed as a result of the degree of structural shift present. Imagine if you had mild eye irritation from a contact lens and you attempted to place the same amount of pressure on your eye. Would you be damaging your eye? No. Would it be mildly uncomfortable? Likely so. Because this discomfort is rare and short-lived, babies typically seem unbothered by their adjustments - many times it seems like they might not even notice them.

Now it makes sense why so many babies actually sleep through their adjustments! Learn more by booking a complimentary consultation with us!

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