• Aliena (Ali) Davis, DC

Local Partner Highlight: RESET by JEM

Who are they? RESET is a home-based program designed to meet you wherever you are in your health and prenatal journey and walk with you to meet your health goals.

Why do we love working with them? Postpartum can be a lonely and overlooked time in a new parent’s life. We love that RESET focuses on helping folks through this time - whether you start working with them during pregnancy to prepare for postpartum or you don’t find them until several months after you have your baby and you need help re-learning how to meet your own needs. What services do they offer? Starting with a complimentary consultation, RESET will help you determine the best route to take in order to achieve your health goals. From exercise therapy to pantry clean outs and guided grocery store tours, they have the tools you need in order to regain your health, energy, and function.

How can I connect with them? You can visit them online at www.resetbyjem.org or reach them by phone at (254) 317-0537.

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4255 Bryant Irvin Rd. #101

Fort Worth, Texas



*note, this number does not receive text messages, voice calls only*