• Aliena (Ali) Davis, DC

Local Partner Highlight: SOAR Studio

Who are they?

SOAR stands for Strengthen, Open, Align, and Restore, and that’s exactly what they focus on at this corrective exercise studio off Camp Bowie in Fort Worth! To accomplish this, they focus on natural movements to release tension and strengthen your body where you need it most.

Why do we love them? They believe that “Your movement is like a fingerprint. Unique to you. Thus your exercise routine should be tailored to your body.” - What’s not to love? So many postpartum exercise programs focus on “bouncing back” and trying to achieve that “pre-baby body” - often with no regard to underlying structural dysfunctions that may have occurred or been exacerbated by the intense process of pregnancy and delivery. Not SOAR. Their corrective exercise approach complements our structural correction approach in the best way - focusing on returning your body to function and comfort no matter what your pregnancy or postpartum journey may look like.

What services do they offer? SOAR offers both group and individual classes, as well as a free consultation to discuss your fitness and health goals and learn more about their approach.

How do I get in touch with them? You can reach them by phone at 817-881-9885 or visit their website at www.soartx.com to learn more and set up your consultation.

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4255 Bryant Irvin Rd. #101

Fort Worth, Texas



*note, this number does not receive text messages, voice calls only*