• Aliena (Ali) Davis, DC

Structural Chiropractic Care for the Modern Family

For many patients seeking care during pregnancy or for their young children, a trip to the chiropractor may conjure images of an office that’s indistinguishable from a yoga studio, cluttered with essential oil vials and high pressure sales tactics. If this possibility has dissuaded you from seeking care in a chiropractic office, we understand. We love yoga and essential oils as much as the next person, but we recognize that when you’re looking for a chiropractor, you’re looking to step into a doctor’s office and receive care that only we can offer. Let us put your concerns to rest with a short discussion of how we do things differently.

From our complimentary consultations to our thorough, respectful, and professional approach to care, if you’re looking for a different experience with a chiropractor, you’ll find it in our office.

It starts with being accepting. As healthcare providers, our priority is your and your family’s healthcare and well-being. As chiropractors, our focus is Structural Correction. When we make recommendations, it is with your health and well-being in mind and we respect your ability to make healthcare decisions for your family.

We value the informed, empowered decision making process in healthcare. The first place we apply this is in our office. That is why we conduct a complimentary consultation with every patient prior to scheduling them for an examination or any treatment. The purpose of the consultation is for you to obtain all the information necessary to make an informed decision as to whether or not you’d like to seek care with our office.

We will never ask you to financially commit to something you don’t fully understand or are not comfortable with.

We apply this thought process to other areas of healthcare that may come up during the course of your care with us. Whether you choose a planned cesarean delivery or a quiet home delivery…utilize fertility treatments or adopt…breastfeed or formula feed…room share or go all out with the baby’s nursery…homeschool or public school…etc etc…we trust you to make the right decisions for your family, and we will never criticize your choices. As healthcare professionals, if you have questions about the health implications of certain decisions, we will answer them to the best of our ability and within our scope of practice, and direct you to resources and other professionals when necessary to make the best choice for your family.

We welcome families and parents of all walks of life and circumstances. So whether you’re the crunchiest stay-at-home parent on the block, the busiest businessperson carefully balancing parenthood and your high powered career, or really any other parent who simply wants to make the best possible choices regarding your family’s healthcare…we are here for you. Come talk with us about your healthcare needs - book a complimentary consultation today.

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