• Aliena (Ali) Davis, DC

The Structural Difference: Our Events

The perks that are reserved just for our patients are plentiful - from the perks from our various local partners to the memorable experience you have every time you come to our office for your treatments. But our events and classes are *not* reserved for our patients. We believe in taking care of our community - not just the people who are currently patients in our practice. This is why we offer monthly Birth Options Workshops, currently held at Waterside with our local partners at birth|Fort Worth. In addition to this workshop, we also offer a quarterly two-day workshop - focusing on prenatal topics on day one and postpartum issues like nutrition (with our local partner RESET) on day two. We believe that everyone deserves access to information that will help them have a healthy, empowering, positive birth and postpartum experience, and that no two people's or families' experiences will necessarily look the same. That's why we focus on connecting you with the tools you need to create the birth *you* want - whatever that is for you. These classes are complimentary because we never want cost to prevent people from accessing information that will improve their health and sense of fulfillment about their birth experience. Are the classes meant to be a substitute for childbirth classes or advice from a healthcare professional? No.

They are meant to be an introduction - to familiarize yourself with the options that are available to you, and to connect you to the resources that you need in order to create the birth and postpartum experience that you want. To attend one of our upcoming community classes, RSVP by clicking here!

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