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Pregnancy Loss and Structural Chiropractic Care

No matter the circumstances in which your pregnancy ended, or how many times you've been pregnant, we are here to support you and help you find relief from the secondary conditions that often arise during and after pregnancy.

Postpartum care is a large part of our practice - and that includes patients who find themselves not taking home a baby after their pregnancy ends.

Changes begin to take place as soon as ovulation occurs that can affect the joints of your spine and pelvis, so no matter how long you were pregnant, structural shifts may have occurred in your spine or pelvis that may contribute to lingering discomfort or pain. The hormone relaxin is released in small amounts at ovulation and if conception occurs, it continues to rise throughout pregnancy. This hormone can affect the connective tissue of your joints, leading to an increased risk for structural shift, leading to secondary conditions like urine leakage, hip and back pain, pubic symphysis pain, round ligament pain, and other pregnancy-related discomfort that can sometimes remain an issue after pregnancy. If you’re planning to conceive again in the future, getting these issues corrected prior to that pregnancy may help you have a more comfortable pregnancy. Even if you’re not planning to conceive again, some people find that, uncorrected, these issues may persist for months or years - contributing to unnecessary suffering and an inability to fully enjoy hobbies or daily life. If you’re seeking care in our office after pregnancy loss - no matter when it occurred or is occurring - we will provide you with the same compassionate, confidential, competent care we provide to all our patients. Your reproductive history is an important part of your health history and we only ask for information that is pertinent to our diagnostic decision making and treatment protocol choices. Additionally, all of your information is always confidential, regardless of your reproductive or health status, so you can always share your health information with us with confidence knowing that we are using it to make the best possible decisions regarding your care. Your safety and comfort are always our top priorities. If you’re currently pregnant after having experienced pregnancy loss in the past, you can rest easy knowing that we use gentle low-force and instrument based techniques on all our pregnant patients. To further enhance your comfort and ensure your safety, we offer a variety of modifications to keep you and your baby safe during the course of your treatment sessions in our office. If you have questions about how we can best serve you during this time in your life, we encourage you to give us a call and book a complimentary consultation to discuss your concerns.

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