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Local Partner Highlight: Bravo Birth DFW

Who are they? Bravo Birth DFW offers prenatal and relaxation massages right out of our office!

Why did we choose to work with them? Stress is an inescapable part of daily life. Add in a new baby and sometimes those stress levels can exponentially increase. At Precision Chiropractic, we work to correct Structural Shift - but unaddressed stress can cause the muscles to hold unnecessary tension and impede our patients’ progress through their correction process. For this reason, we love having Bravo Birth DFW right here in our office to offer another resource for our patients to improve their health and well-being.

What can you expect at your first appointment? When you arrive, Alexandra will greet you and have you get started on your intake paperwork. You’ll be able to get some tea or water to help you relax beforehand, and most clients choose to utilize the restroom prior to beginning the session. Once your paperwork is done and you’re ready to begin, she will walk you back to the massage suite, discuss your health concerns and wishes, and explain how to situate yourself on the table - with tons of pillows and bolsters, pregnant clients are sure to find a comfortable position on the table with her expert guidance. During your massage, she will check in with you periodically to ensure that the amount of pressure being applied is adequate and that you’re comfortable. Afterward, you’ll be welcomed back into the reception area to finish your water and, if needed, wake up before driving to your next event of the day. How can I get in touch with them? Visit them online at www.bravobirthdfw.com Or give them a call at (682) 802-9764

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4255 Bryant Irvin Rd. #101

Fort Worth, Texas



*note, this number does not receive text messages, voice calls only*