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About Our New Website Badge

If you've been around for a while, you probably remember that we updated our website last summer. Same us, prettier and easier to navigate website! While today's change isn't as intense as that overhaul was, it's just as significant, if not even more so. We added a badge reflecting our commitment to being Inclusive Birthworkers. We are proud to join nearly a dozen birthworkers from around Fort Worth and even beyond Tarrant County in this commitment to practicing intentional inclusivity in our practice.

From image descriptions on our social media posts and website (and blog posts coming soon), to including pronoun options on our intake paperwork and practicing trauma-informed care, publicly announcing this commitment just fits with the commitment to inclusivity that's informed our every decision from the start. To read more about this badge, what it signifies, and who else is committed to providing compassionate, inclusive, culturally competent care to pregnant and postpartum patients and their families in and around Fort Worth, head to this page and learn all about it.

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