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Fort Worth's First Queer & Trans Inclusive Lactation Basics Workshop

We did it, Funkytown! This class was a long time in the making, and would have been impossible without the stellar support of our community organizations, most notably Acute Salon and Tarrant County Breastfeeding Coalition. On a gorgeous Sunday morning in October, twelve (fifteen, if you count the youngest tiny humans in attendance) of us gathered at Acute Salon off Rosedale for the launch of the quarterly Queer & Trans Inclusive Lactation Basics Workshop. This event was special because, while there are a handful of parenting and lactation classes in Fort Worth that are overtly open and welcoming to attendees from the LGBTQIA+ community, this one is, to my knowledge, the first one specifically designed FOR the LGBTQIA+ community. In my experience, there is a stark difference between "you're welcome to be here" and "this was specifically designed with your needs and life experience as the central focus, and your experience is centered in this space."

With that perspective in mind, this class was created. Topics that were discussed in the class and accompanying materials included: - Nutritional Composition of Human Milk - Basics of a Good Latch - Hunger Cues - Pumping - Inducing Lactation - Bonding for the non-gestational and/or non-lactating parent(s) - Milk Expression - Local safe healthcare providers for followup/further resources Several healthcare professionals were in attendance at the first class - something I see as a hopeful sign, indicating that more people involved in healthcare are seeing the importance of equipping themselves with the knowledge they need in order to become safe, affirming providers for their LGBTQIA+ clients and patients. Moving forward, the class is anticipated to be offered quarterly, pending community need and interest.

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